International Market Research: handmade wood items to sell in Germany

International Market Research: handmade wood items to sell in Germany

Before considering to enter in any foreign market, it´s more than essential to do a detailed market research. First goal of it will be confirm or refuse if we can effectively enter that market. Then later, decide the products that we put on sale, the pricing andp lan our market entry strategy.

Now we are going to exemplify this interesting challenge that any seller of products or services will have to face sooner or later, with a study case also related handmade wood items we can sell best in the German market, considering we are producers with an eCommerce outside the European Union.

  • Primary Research

a) Economic data

b) Google in Germany

c) Googe Trends

There are 4 main keywords we must analyze to understand wich handmade wood items we can sell in Germany (in parentheses the percentage of relevance):

  • holz (50%)
  • hölzern (20%)
  • holzartikel (15%)
  • holzprodukte (15%)

d) Keyword Research

Despite shopify has become a nice place to do keyword research (we can see an article with the top woodworking projects we can sell online) and we can take ideas from content they publish likethe below, the important thing now is validate the ideas in the country we have chosen.

  1. Handmade wooden signs
  2. Wooden kitchen products
  3. Wooden boxes
  4. Wooden Birdhouses
  5. Wooden planters
  • Secondary Research

a) Competitors and market enviroment

b) Taxation, trade rules and procedures


And please remember that in the lists above you can have a good, but after you’ve chosen your product, you must start with a test project.

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