Study Case – Wooden items to sell in handmade marketplaces

In this marketv research I have tried to detect projects with potential to be successful sales in Etsy or in a own marketplace / eCommerce websites.

The research ends with a section of CONCLUSIONS with the three products that I believe are more profitable. But in analysis there are plenty of other ideas to contemplate and analyze.

In addition to the info below I´ve created two additional documents:

  • PDF document with an extended analysis (ahrefs+Etsy+Google Trends)
  • WORD document with the analysis of an specific product (wooden frame)


Ahrefs show us the most popular organic keywords related wood/wooden products in Google / Amazon and Youtube. Also we can analyze the organic keywords and the PPC (paid keywords) of specific sites or marketplaces (such Epicenter or Rozetka).

This research in Ahrefs helps to make a decision of wich Woodworking Items to produce / sell based on which terms has the highest traffic in specific markets.

* With Ahrefs I´ve analyzed sites such Rozetka and Epicenter in order to find out which items related wooden are more popular.


On Etysy, as Nº1 handmade marketplace we can see a wide catalog of personalized gifts and woodworking Items. In the list below we find the best-selling products on sale.

  • Wood maps
  • Cutting board
  • Wooden spoons
  • Alternative guestwook (wedding)
  • wooden bowl
  • laptop wooden stand | macbook wooden stand | ipad wooden stand
  • wallets
  • Wood Dual Monitor Stand
  • Desk organizer
  • desk shelf
  • frames
  • MacBook Laptop Wooden Stand
  • Headphone support
  • Wedding Guestbook
  • Wooden spoons
  • Cutting board
  • Wood boards wooden boards (for food)
  • Light Up Magic Wood Box
  • Safe wooden children’s knife
  • Wooden Combs
  • Wallet
  • Desktop
  • Wood map

* To see more photos and ideas, go to the PDF document mentioned above.

Google Trends

By using Google Trends we can compare wooden products and identify top queries related “wood”, “wooden” or “woodworking items”. Basically we have created two different lists in our specific niche: TOP (products most demanded) and RISING (searches with an increase in traffic in the last months):

TOP Queries

  • Wood table
  • Wood floor | Wood flooring | Wood floors
  • Wood wall
  • wooden bed
  • wooden box
  • wooden furniture
  • wood door
  • wood comb
  • wood fence
  • wooden frame
  • wooden toys


  • Valheim (valheim fine wood, valheim core wood): related a videogame
  • butt joint wood (method / technique)
  • wood stain
  • staked firewood
  • cord of wood (unit of volume to mesure stacked firewood)
  • wood design
  • wood art
  • wooden clothes rack
  • woodeb puzzles for toddlers
  • wooden hangers

Google Trends insight into customer behavior show us also interesting topics to write about in a blog. For example:

  • Why wood is so expensive (+450%)
  • What is the best stain for wood?
  • wood stoves (for sale, for sale near me, wood burning stove…)
  • wood glue
  • good paint
  • good filler
  • black wood
  • oak wood
  • wood carving (wood carving technics , tips, videos…)
  • wooden house


A platform like Pinterest gives hundreds of ideas. See below a list with 4 wooden products.

  1. Wooden phone stand + amplifier
  2. wood pet bed
  3. wooden egg holder
  4. Wooden Sofa Sleeve with Cup Holder

In Pinterest, wooden toys is a huge category with dozens of personalized gifts for children and adults (collectors). But mainly they are

Epicenter UA

A very relevant marketplace focused on DIY, building, gardening, sanitary equipment, renewable energy, and interior decoration.

At epicenter 90% of searches related to wood are for woodcare products, paints and tools… so no really relevant for our research (продукт по догляду за деревиною).

Rozetka UA

The largest Ukrainian online shop is a kind of Amazon for the ukrainians, with all type of products. In regards wood/wooden there is no there is no very interesting information since the products are produced by external companies.

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